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Marketing International DAILYMOTION Marketing International DAILYMOTION

Média & Entertainment

Stratégie Marketing international global suite à la refonte de la plateforme de vidéo en ligne Dailymotion.


  • médias sociaux
  • Stratégie digitale
  • Web Marketing
  • Communication digitale
  • Analyse des données
  • strategic planning



►Creation and update of marketing offers and materials (mediakits and sales decks, one-pagers…)

►Needs analysis & answer to advertisers and agencies briefs:

- Broadcast affinity framework definition (per verticals/ media brand)
- Premium publishers whitelisting

►Communication strategy elaboration for the new Dailymotion UX launch:

- International Mediakit makeover (EMEA sales team needs collect, positioning map construction including main video market actors according to advertising capacity and content strategy metrics, cross-device audience reporting)
- Digital communication (newsletters, blog articles, content marketing)
- Event marketing (launch party organisation, Dmexco marketing materials creation)

►Identify content sponsorship opportunities and build associated go-to-markets.

►Analysis of quantitative and qualitative research that directly supports the valuation of Dailymotion Advertising offer.

►Official internet audience ratings for EMEA markets analysis (CIM, Effective Measures, Médiamétrie, ComScore, Google Analytics...):

- Audience reporting board elaboration & maintainance (cross-refering data from Tableau & ComScore)
- Competitive intelligence

►Benchmark on the global online video market: programmatic, media innovation, creative production.

►Digital marketing:

- Newsletter campaign management
- Content Marketing and articles to be published on the sales house's website
- Dailymotion Advertising’s Twitter account creation and animation
- Global social networks animation with news from the market